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Have valuables or important documents you want to keep safe? Need to ensure your employees’ keys are accounted for? Aegis Locksmiths can help. We carry a wide range of key boxes and lock boxes for Edmonton residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

A lock box is fire-resistant and waterproof, an ideal place to: 

  • Store valuables like coins, stamps, and jewelry
  • Keep prescriptions and medications away from children 
  • Lock areas of your property that require professional supervision 
  • Add additional security to your property by securing spare keys

Thanks to their portable format, lock boxes make the perfect ally in any environment, whether at home, at college, on a business trip, or in assisted living facilities. Types of lock boxes at Edmonton’s Aegis Locksmiths include styles like:

  • Push-button, digital lock – These lock boxes come with a digital key pad where a unique code is used to open the box.
  • Keyed lock – These lock boxes open with a single, special key.

Dial or combination lock – Similar to a padlock or a bicycle lock, this lock box is kept secure with either a combination lock or dial.

Why Use a Lock Box in Edmonton?

Lock boxes are used for a number of different reasons by a number of different people and industries. For example, you may have precious family heirlooms or original copies of birth certificates you would like to keep safe. A lock box is inexpensive and easily portable compared to larger and heavier safes. Another example is realtors who may use lock boxes to secure the keys for the homes they are showing to potential buyers. A lock box can contain several different keys to open areas throughout the property. Offices may use a lock box to keep small computer supplies like memory sticks secure. Construction sites may store small, but complex and expensive tools. Whatever the reason, lock boxes are a convenient way to store and secure your belongings.

Keeping Your Keys Safe with a Key Box in Edmonton

Keys are just as valuable as the content they can access. That is why key boxes are such an important, inexpensive investment. They also make a perfect organizational tool for those who have to keep track of a great number of keys. Our key cabinets come in a variety of sizes and can fit just about any situation.

Find the right key box in Edmonton for your needs. Styles include:

  • Dial or combination lock – Just like the dial or combination lock boxes, these key boxes are fitted with a lock similar to that of a bicycle lock or padlock. 
  • Keyed lock – A key box with a keyed lock gives access only with the use of a unique, special key.
  • Push-button, digital lock – Equipped with a digital key pad, these key boxes rely on a specific code to unlock.

Key boxes offer more than just security for your keys. It can also offer much needed organization. This is especially helpful for commercial or industrial properties that have to manage a wide collection of keys for both working and security personnel.

Learn More About Lock and Key Boxes

If you’re interested in learning more about the different lock boxes and key boxes we have in stock, call Edmonton’s Aegis Locksmiths today. We are happy to supply the city and its surrounding areas with quality locksmith hardware.

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