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Do you have a big entrance with glass doors or huge casement windows for natural light? If your answer is a proud yes, you need to ask yourself: is it safe? Be it a storefront or an office or a warehouse, or be it any building in Edmonton or its surrounding areas, we at Aegis Locksmiths can help you with its products. Just give us a call, and we will visit your place, measure the size of the window/door and install customized steel bars to fulfil your security needs, just like that!

Do you require security bars for your doors and windows in Edmonton? Give us a call at 780‑465‑0182 to discuss your options.

Importance of Security Window Bars

At Aegis Locksmiths in Edmonton, we understand that windows are one of the most accessible routes to a building to sneak in without noticing. This is precisely why one needs to secure windows by installing bars to prevent unauthorized access. Even the Edmonton Police Service emphasizes the importance of installing security window bars at home. Any window that is not an alternative to a fire exit can be secured by simply adding window bars. Given what is at stake, installing security window bars does not seem much of a task.

Advantages of Security Window Bars

Although the primary advantage of installing window/door bars is to have more security, there is much more to it. If you have window/door security steel bars in place, you will put padlocks on the equipment. That’s not it; these security bars protect storefronts, offices and warehouses from burglaries. It restricts the area of access and leaves minimal scope for a forceful entry.

When Do We Need Security Window Bars?

It is imperative to understand that though you might have a latch on your window, it is not exactly a lock. And a latch is not enough to protect your house against the threat of burglars. Usually, casement type windows are not adequately equipped with strong locks, making them safe options for sneaking in. To avoid threats to your property, it is always better to install security window bars, but make sure that they are detachable from inside for casement windows are also an escape option in case of a fire. 


It is also advisable to install window security bars to glazing (glass area) because glass is easy to break-in. Expandable bars can be stretched in the warehouse / storefront / residential door or window width, making them secure. 


Also, crank-open and awning type windows rarely provide adequate security because they are made of individual single panes which can be easily removed. For this, security window bars are of great help because they create an additional layer of safety.

Features of Window / Door Security Bars

Our window / door security bars come with many features, including:

Availability of both standard and custom sizes

Door edge interlock security

Reinforcements and attach blockers

Can be stretched into the width you need for window / door

Folding security gates

Your Security Is Our Priority


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