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Aegis Locksmiths supplies a unique line of barn door hardware in the Edmonton area. We provide and install products from handles and hinges, to top mount rolling barn door hardware for wooden doors. Call Aegis Locksmiths in Edmonton if you are struggling to find the right barn door hardware for your project or want to ensure whether your barn is secured correctly during the night.


Barn doors grace the indoors of a wide range of home styles from rustic to the farmhouse to modern and contemporary. Not just that, we can also provide you with hardware components that can elevate even the most basic and boring sliding doors into aesthetically pleasing and charming barn doors.


A Selection of Aesthetic Hardware Elements for Your Barn Door


Barn doors can be installed indoors by homeowners, with a few simple tools in a day or two. But before that, ensure you choose the right hardware elements that would help you in easy installation. Keep these points in mind while specifying sliding barn door hardware and systems.

  • Type of track
  • Weight capacity and length required
  • Hardware hangers
  • Style of mounting brackets
  • Centring distance for mounting the brackets


Installation of barn doors can be at any time of the year as the door trim can interfere with the barn door track. It is always helpful to install the door before the installation of the trim. Usually, a single barn door covers one doorway and, when open, would slide to either the left or right side. But try to keep in mind the wall space before accommodating the door when it is in an open position.


Aegis Locksmiths provides you with a range of quality services and brand products for your home, best suited with budget and style. We have a range of hardware components that are durable, aesthetic and unmatched in terms of quality. Barn doors are a basic yet essential element of your home. 


Custom Hardware Elements for Your Barn Door


  • Our experts can help you customize your barn door with our selection of versatile hardware fixtures that can go with all kinds of interior and exterior designs.
  • We can provide you with aesthetic yet functional fixtures, depending on whether you want to put together a classic barn door or a more contemporary and modern one.
  • But durable hardware elements from Aegis Locksmiths can immediately elevate your barn door's elegance and add sophistication to your landscape.

Contact us, and it is a guarantee that our team will guide you to find something that will capture your fancy!

Looking for a Trusted Barn Door Hardware Suppliers in Edmonton?

Be the neighbourhood's envy by choosing high-quality barn doors just suited for your budget and style.

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