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Keep your property safe with high-security locks. At Aegis Locksmiths, we carry a wide range of high-performance and superior-quality security door locks. From deadbolts and padlocks to cabinet locks, parking equipment locks, and switch locks, we’ve got it all! With a high-security lock, you can rest assured your home, vehicle, commercial or industrial property in Edmonton is secured. They offer several benefits and guarantee better safety and protection over standard regular locks. We are proud to work with the top manufacturers and brands that are reliable and consistent and our team is committed to providing excellent solutions and customer service. Contact us to discuss your security needs and upgrade your locks now!

Relying on Only the Medeco® High-Security Locks

To ensure we’re installing quality high-security locks, Aegis Locksmiths carries Medeco® products. Medeco® has been in business for over 40 years and is considered an innovative presence in the high-security lock industry. Their locks have helped secure everything from government buildings to hospitals and banks.

Characteristics of Our Security Door Locks

High-security locks are well-known for their superior performance over other alternatives. Although high-security locks aren’t impenetrable, they can withstand manipulation and forced and unauthorized attempts at entering and unlocking much better than regular locks. The following characteristics can help keep you, your space and your belongings safe from criminals and break-ins:

  • Heavy Duty Hardware
    They are designed with heavy-duty hardware that can maintain their superior level of security even under difficult conditions, high-traffic or extensive use. They can be made with stainless steel throws and heavy-gauge steel locking systems that can withstand sawing and crowbar attacks. 


  • Pick and Drill Resistant
    Standard locks feature standard pin-and-tumbler systems which are susceptible to lock picking with a special “bumper key”. High-security locks with pick and drill-resistant key cylinders have heavy-duty steel inserts, sidebars, rotating pins and other features that can resist break-in and theft attempts.


  • Compatible With Other Security Systems
    High-security locks are compatible with multiple systems offering you more flexibility to build your security system. They can be used with access control systems, video surveillance, intrusion alarms and other wireless and high-tech software to protect the most security-sensitive environments.


  • Protected Against Unauthorized Copying of Keys
    Manufacturers like Medeco have enabled special restrictions to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. For an added layer of security, these keys come with unique angle cuts that require a special key-cutting machine. For commercial properties, which tend to have many more keys in circulation than residential doors, this provides extra peace of mind.

Modern security door locks are affordable, easy to maintain and available in various mechanical and electronic formats. Call us to speak with our experts in Edmonton now! They will gladly offer all the assistance you need and help guide you toward the best security solutions. 

Licensed, Experienced, and Trusted Security Door Locks in Edmonton

When it comes to securing your property, trust is paramount. Aegis Locksmiths takes pride in being a licensed and experienced locksmith service in Edmonton, offering a range of high-quality security door locks to fortify your residential, commercial, or industrial space. Our commitment to security excellence is underscored by our association with top manufacturers and brands, ensuring that our customers receive superior-quality locks that guarantee safety and protection.

Why Choose Aegis Locksmiths for Your Security Door Locks?

Licensed Expertise
Our team consists of licensed locksmith professionals with years of experience in the industry. Trusting Aegis Locksmiths means relying on skilled experts who understand the intricacies of security systems and can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Exclusive Use of Medeco® High-Security Locks
We exclusively carry Medeco® high-security locks, a brand with a renowned reputation for innovation and reliability in the industry for over 40 years. Medeco® locks have secured various critical infrastructures, from government buildings to hospitals and banks, making them a trusted choice for your property.

Comprehensive Security Door Locks
Aegis Locksmiths offers a comprehensive range of high-security locks, including deadbolts, padlocks, cabinet locks, parking equipment locks, and switch locks. Our diverse selection ensures that you find the perfect security solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Heavy-duty Hardware for Maximum Security
Our high-security locks are equipped with heavy-duty hardware designed to maintain superior security even under challenging conditions, high-traffic scenarios, or extensive use. Stainless steel throws and heavy-gauge steel locking systems ensure resilience against sawing and crowbar attacks.

Pick and Drill Resistance
Standard locks are vulnerable to picking, but our high-security locks feature pick and drill-resistant key cylinders with heavy-duty steel inserts, sidebars, rotating pins, and more. These features resist break-ins and theft attempts, providing enhanced security for your property.

Compatibility with Advanced Security Systems
Our high-security locks are not just standalone solutions; they seamlessly integrate with other security systems. Compatible with access control systems, video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and various high-tech software, they offer flexibility to build a comprehensive security environment.

Protection Against Unauthorized Key Duplication
Manufacturers like Medeco have implemented special restrictions to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Keys come with unique angle cuts that require a special key-cutting machine, providing an added layer of security, especially for commercial properties with numerous keys in circulation.

24/7 Emergency Services
Aegis Locksmiths understands that security concerns can arise at any time. Our team is available round the clock, offering prompt and dependable emergency services across Edmonton. Contact us anytime for immediate assistance.


  • Are Key Card and Key Fob Systems the Same?
    Key card locks and key fob locks are functionally identical. The only difference between them is the credential used to open the lock. The choice comes down to the credential that is more convenient for you and the occupants of your building.
  • How Does a Key Card Lock Operate?
    A key card lock operates by setting up a connection between the user's key card and the reader in the lock, utilizing RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Once the right key card credentials are scanned, the reader triggers the door lock to get released.
  • Is a Key Card Lock System Right for Me?
    If you manage a large space, and would like to limit people's access to it, while giving selected people ease of entry, our key card locks in Edmonton might be suitable for you. To get a clearer idea, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.
  • How Much Will a Key Card Lock System Cost?
    The cost of your key card lock system will depend entirely on factors such as the number of key cards needed. Please contact us for a quote.

Upgrade your property's security with licensed, experienced, and trusted high-security door locks from Aegis Locksmiths. Contact us today to discuss your security needs and elevate the protection of your Edmonton property.

Our team is available round the clock with prompt and dependable emergency services across Edmonton. Get in touch with us now to know more about our products and services.

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