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From homes to businesses, Aegis Locksmiths has been offering padlocks and combination locks that add to the security of residents in Edmonton. We have locks for personal use, like keeping the pool gate shut at night or ensuring your teen gets a stylish combination padlock for their school locker. We also have security appliances for business and industry use, like safety lockout padlocks and padlocks for storage security.

Giving our customers one of the best services in the area, we pride ourselves on our reliable and prompt delivery services. Keeping your valuables and property safe at all times, our comprehensive range of padlocks is perfect for many customer-related needs. Get in touch.

Padlock Brands Available in Edmonton

Master Lock, American Lock®, Trimax®, ABUS, and FJM Security Products are just a few of the brands we stock for quality padlock hardware. Aegis Locksmiths in Edmonton has the experience to know what padlocks work best for your building situation. Trust our locksmiths to match your home or business with the right padlock. Learn more about us!

Master Lock Padlocks


With a rich legacy of providing locking services worldwide, Master Lock padlocks are known for their supreme resilience and durability. Reinventing themselves with innovative products that take protecting your things to the next level, their locks are used in various industrial, residential and personal areas. From combination locks to laminated and solid body padlocks, they believe in giving you convenience and peace of mind.


American Lock® Padlocks


American Lock is a trusted, reliable, professional brand specializing in customized solutions for industrial and commercial purposes. From multi-cylinder padlocks provide enhanced protection against theft and other problems. These tough padlocks are built to resist water, dirt and other debris, as their durable steel bodies keep them sturdy and resilient.


ABUS Padlocks


Ensuring premium customer satisfaction and high-quality service, ABUS padlocks offer high longevity padlocks with accessible operational features. Depending on the usage, they provide a wide range of padlocks high on strength and innovation. Creating padlocks with different materials such as aluminum, steel, brass, and several specialized materials overcame most ways of forcing the lock open without a key.

Benefits of Using Combination-style Locks


Our combination-style locks offer several safety and security benefits for both commercial and home settings in Edmonton. Here are some key advantages:


  • Keyless entry: Combination locks eliminate the need for physical keys, which can be lost, stolen, or duplicated without your knowledge. With a combination lock, you don't have to worry about unauthorized individuals accessing your property with a stolen or copied key.

  • Convenience: Memorizing a combination or having a dedicated code provides convenient and quick access to locked areas. This feature can be beneficial when immediate access is essential, such as during emergencies or time-sensitive situations.

  • Enhanced security: Combination locks provide more protection than traditional key locks. The absence of a keyway makes them more resistant to picking, bumping, or tampering, which intruders commonly use to bypass conventional locks.

  • Customizable security codes: Many combination locks allow you to set and change the security code as needed. This flexibility is advantageous when you want to update access permissions, revoke entry for specific individuals, or enhance overall security by regularly changing the code.

  • Multiple-user access: Combination locks allow you to grant access to multiple users without needing extra keys. This feature is handy in commercial settings where numerous employees or team members require access to specific areas.

  • No battery dependence: Unlike electronic or digital locks, combination locks do not rely on batteries or power sources. This characteristic eliminates the concern of battery failure, power outages, or the need to replace batteries regularly.

  • Durability: Combination locks are typically built to resist wear and tear. Their design to withstand harsh weather conditions makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This durability ensures the lock will continue to function reliably over an extended period.

  • Cost-effective: While they may have a higher upfront cost than traditional locks, you eliminate the need for key duplication, rekeying, or lock replacements due to lost or stolen keys. This feature can result in savings over time, particularly in scenarios where multiple users require access.

Using high-quality combination locks and padlocks offered by Edmonton’s Aegis Locksmiths in conjunction with other security measures can significantly enhance safety and deter unauthorized access. If you are looking for additional security solutions, explore our range of services!

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