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When you can't get into a locked safe in Edmonton, consider calling Aegis Locksmiths Ltd. We have over 50 years of accumulated experience helping residents with lost safe combinations in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. During that time, we have probably unlocked a safe similar to yours. If not, we will not rest until we find the proper unlocking solution for you.

We understand that you might feel frustrated when you can't open a safe. After all, safes give you secure way to store valuable items such as:






Birth certificates

Work documents

Marriage licenses

Estate offerings

As you can see, if you lose access to these valuable items, you could experience damaging and long-reaching effects. What's more, usually when you need to access these items, you need to get to them in a hurry. If your safe is so secure that it has locked you out, don't wait—call Aegis Locksmiths Ltd. today for thorough and safe unlocking services.

Competitive Prices

As your safe locksmith in Edmonton, we commit to providing competitive prices and safe work. We open most common residential fire safes for $135–$250, and we unlock commercial fire and burglary safes for around $650. What's more, we offer immediate or same-day service.

Still not convinced Aegis Locksmiths Ltd. is the right company for the job? We also offer a one-year guarantee on both parts and labour. We will also travel outside of city limits to serve you.

Call Today!

You don't have to endure getting locked out of your safe any longer. Put an end to your headaches and get the access you need by calling Aegis Locksmiths Ltd. We also provide free, no-obligation quotes, and we are happy to discuss the lockout details of your situation with you. Call Aegis Locksmiths Ltd. at 780‑465‑0182 today!

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