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The term break-in refers to an incident where a home or business is broken into for stealing valuable assets. Burglars try a number of methods to gain access to your home or business, including picking your lock. This involves not just the robbery or theft but also the additional cost to repair the lock. Aegis Locksmiths has a team of professionals who offer emergency lock break-in repair services in Edmonton. We also provide a wide range of options such as door closers and commercial hardware to repair the damage.

What Grade Lock Should You Buy?

To buy a new lock for your home or business, you can head to the local hardware store to get it. There are various types of locks that you might come across. The store might stock lesser quality residential locks (i.e. grade 3 locks) which are easily breakable by the burglars.


Grade 2 locks, on the other hand, are of better quality and take much more effort to bypass. Grade 1 locksets offer the most reliability, but can be more expensive and are used for commercial or industrial applications.

Preventive Measures

Here are a few ways to protect your property against burglar invasions:

• Door Wrap

You can save your door by installing a wrap-around plate underneath the lock to fortify and protect the door from further damage.

• Additional Lighting and Security Cameras

Adding lights in the dark areas of your property often makes your property less attractive to opportunistic thieves, and installing security cameras provides increasingly advanced surveillance capabilities.

• Smash films

There are alternatives to window bars, such as shatter-proof glass along with a layer of film over it. With this the robber might not be able to get access to your home.

24/7 Lock Break-In Repair Services

We are glad to offer mobile lock repair emergency service 24/7. Additionally, our team can assess your property’s locks to find key entry points and provide you with solutions. With decades of experience, you can rest assured that a consultation with Aegis can improve your home security.


Call Us Today!

Aegis Locksmiths has considerable years of experience in this industry. We have been able to provide the residents of Edmonton with emergency lock break-in repair services. For more information, give us a call or fill out our online form and we will respond promptly.

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