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Advice from Aegis Locksmiths in Edmonton

If you go online and do Google search for “best local locksmith”, you are going to find many in your area. Just like every pizza place in New York City claims to have the best slice in town, almost every locksmith will tell you their service is the cheapest, the best and the most reliable. But many are not true to their word.

If you’ve paid attention to the news, you will probably have heard of locksmith scams and price gauging all over Edmonton & the province. If you are not careful, you could end up being significantly overcharged and even robbed by people pretending to be licensed locksmiths. So, to help you make sure you are hiring a locksmith you can trust, we at Aegis Locksmiths have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you find a professional locksmith in Edmonton and save yourself from being scammed.

  • Compare quotes correctly: There are plenty of ads for locksmiths online that say they will quote as little as $15. Do not be fooled by this. Though the cheaper option may seem more affordable, a scam locksmith will quickly add on other expenses until you end up paying more. Keep in mind that some locksmiths offer free quotes over the phone, such as Aegis locksmiths to offer convenience and set expectations.

  • Check their online information: Scam locksmiths sometimes use the business names of real ones to seem professional and steal clients. When you are on their website, check their address and phone numbers to make sure they are correct. A lot of fake ones will choose a random address or provide phone numbers that go through call centres in other countries. All of these should be red flags.

  • Look for the licence and ID: According to the Professional Locksmiths Association of Alberta, every professional locksmith is required to have a license with them that shows they have completed apprenticeship training and are certified to work. Before letting your locksmith get to work, be sure to ask to see their license. If they refuse, send them away or call the police.

  • Have the job explained to you: A licensed locksmith is trained to pick a lock to get it open while avoiding expensive damage. If the first thing your locksmith says they are going to do is drill the lock, they probably are not properly trained and licensed. Drilling a lock means it has to be replaced which will cost you a lot of money and time.

  • Check the invoice: If you are still suspicious after the job is done, check the invoice to make sure it is official. Ensure that tax has been factored in and check that the cost is broken down into an itemized list that explains each charge. A locksmith who refuses to do this or inflates the cost to be significantly more than what was quoted, is probably scamming you. 

Trust in a Locksmith Comes from Experience

Hiring a locksmith is all about trust and knowing that you are getting the best quality work at the fairest price. Aegis Locksmiths brings over 30 years of quality work to Edmonton, which means three decades of happy, satisfied customers, and counting. Our locksmiths are licensed and experienced professionals who uphold the highest standards of practice.

Hire a locksmith you can trust with Aegis Locksmiths. Call toll free at 1-800-465-5512 today or

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