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Emergency Locksmith

Losing door lock keys or malfunctioning locks can create a stressful situation for you. Stay prepared by researching and identifying an emergency locksmith service contractor that you can call in urgent situations. Aegis Locksmiths has been serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years. We offer various services such as key cutting and replacement, automotive locks and card access key fobs. Our trained technicians are available 24 hours to rescue you in lockout situations.

When Should You Call Emergency Locksmiths?

It is important to choose reputable professional emergency locksmith services to ensure quality work. In case you drive an advanced car model or use high-security locks, you need to hire locksmiths with specific skills and knowledge to fix the issue. Here are the major five scenarios where you might need an emergency locksmith:

1.  Locking Yourself out of Your House, Car or Office – If you are locked out of your home, vehicle or office, you will immediately need locksmith services. The situation might not be that stressful if it occurs during the day. You can take help from your neighbour or relative. But, if it occurs during the night or when no one is around, emergency locksmith services are your only option to get duplicate keys. 

2. Losing Your Keys – You must have either misplaced your keys or they might have been stolen. Change the locks immediately as someone with the keys can access your property. Call an emergency locksmith to arrange for another set of keys or get your locks completely changed.

3. Cabinets, Drawers, Vaults Fail to Open –This problem is more common among people with electronic safes. A locked cabinet or drawer can hamper day-to-day activities in offices. Only an emergency safe locksmith can provide you with immediate solutions. 

4. Fixing Locks After Theft or Burglary –There could be theft when you are not at home or on vacation. It could be a nightmare to find the locks broken and valuables stolen from your home after you return. Our emergency locksmiths can make your facility more secure from break-ins by installing quality locks and appropriate hardware for doors. We offer heavy-duty deadbolts, dead latches or flush bolts from a variety of commercial brands such as Adams Rite and Don-Jo. Read our blog to learn what to do after a break-in.

5. Someone Is Trapped Inside a Car – Your car might not open after an accident or if the doors are jammed. You can save the life of someone trapped inside a vehicle by calling an emergency car locksmith.

If you are in such a situation, contact us immediately for our emergency services.


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