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locsmith working on a door lock Improving safety and security

Having your home broken into can be quite a traumatic event. Coping with the loss of personal effects while faced with realization that your private space has been violated can leave many shaken, anxious and no longer feeling safe in their own homes.

The sad truth is that these types of burglaries have become a common occurrence. A break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada, with many occurring during broad daylight. Basement and ground floor doors and windows are the usual targeted entry points of would-be intruders, who tend to rely on brute force to enter a home rather than sophisticated tools.

Prepare for the unexpected

The good news is that a qualified Edmonton residential locksmith can provide affordable and often simple solutions to deter burglars and minimize the risk of a break-in. At Aegis Locksmiths, we offer an array of products and services to improve the safety and security of your home, such as:

  • Rekeying your home. This step is often overlooked by homeowners but is especially important if you’ve recently purchased a new house. This simple and quick process will render any other copies of your previous keys unusable, making sure you, and only you, can unlock your doors.

  • Changing your locks. An experienced locksmith will be able to identify any locks on your home that need replacing. A worn, broken or incorrectly fitted lock can leave your house at risk, so replacing it is of the utmost importance.

  • Protecting your doors and windows. Properly securing the targeted entry points of your house will go a long way in protecting your home from would-be thieves. Installing or upgrading a deadbolt lock on your front door, sash locks on your windows or a lock bar on your sliding door will prevent them from being opened from the outside.

  • Installing a home safe. Since burglars tend to spend very little time once inside a house, they typically target and steal any and all objects of value. By installing a safe in your home, you’ll be provided with the added protection and peace of mind that your valuables and cherished possessions are securely stored.

Keeping you safe

Nothing can prepare you for the sense of loss, shock, and helplessness that follows in the wake of your home being robbed. However, Aegis Locksmiths can help your protect against potential risks by properly safeguarding your Edmonton home using our prompt, reliable and quality locksmith services.

For more information about our products and services, contact us today!


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