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Upgrading Your Home's Entry Points: The Role of Security Door Locks

A close up image of a security door lock

As time goes by, criminals are getting more effective in breaking into properties. Be it by picking locks or simply duplicating keys, burglars have become experts in trespassing outdated security systems. In today’s world, making sure our properties are equipped with the necessary technology to face modern threats is fundamental to ensure the safety of our families. This is where high security door locks come in handy. In this blog, we are going to explore how modern and resistant door locks can improve your home’s security and protect you from dangerous situations.

What Are the Most Vulnerable Entry Points in Your House?


Before diving into security systems, it is important to understand what the most vulnerable entry points typically are and what parts of your home you should be extra careful with. One of the most common ways burglars find their ways into your home is by picking your front or backdoors. Backdoors can be particularly vulnerable if you have fences protecting your backyard. Intruders know that, if they can jump over the fence, they will likely have all the time they need to pick your backdoor’s lock without being noticed. Windows can also be a vulnerable entry points, so it is strongly recommended to keep them close during the night.


Why Are Security Door Locks Important for Your Safety?


According to Global News, home invasion cases have increased by 4 per cent in 2022 in Canada, making it fundamental that you invest in security systems for your property. Additionally, older houses often count on outdated locks and weaker doors that were installed in a time where break ins were not as common as they are today. Investing in high security door locks can significantly reduce the chances of home invasions, making it an imperative investment to protect your property and your loved ones.


How Door Locks Enhance Your Property’s Security


Pick Resistant


High security door locks are designed to be stronger, and significantly more resistant than traditional locks. This makes them a great addition to your security system, as they are considerably more difficult to be picked, drilled, or broken by criminals. As burglars generally try to be fast and quiet when breaking into a property, they are more likely to give up once they face a more advanced door locking system.


Preventing Key Duplication


One of the ways criminals find their way into your home is by duplicating your keys. Unfortunately, this has become significantly easier in the past few years. In order to prevent key duplication, manufacturers such as Medeco have found ways of making keys with complex angle cuts that require advanced locksmith abilities and equipment to be copied. This can greatly contribute to the security of your home.


Compatible with Additional Security Systems


Apart from being more resistant than traditional locks, high security door locks can also be integrated with other advanced security systems, including alarms, cameras, and access control. A complete advanced security system will not only provide you with stronger locks, but also allow you to be aware of what happens around your property, giving you the possibility of taking prompt action in advance.


High Security Door Locks in Edmonton


Now that you have read valuable information about high security door locks, why not take the next step? At Aegis Locksmiths we count on a wide range of high-quality products designed to enhance the security of your property. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us help you keep you and your family safe in Edmonton. Reach out to us!


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