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Secure Your Valuables With Home Safes in Edmonton

Aegis Locksmiths carries home safes. We have a variety of safes from trusted name-brands that come in all shapes and sizes. Get a home safe to protect anything from jewellery and watches to important certificates and documents. Whatever the reason, Aegis Locksmiths can supply and install your home safe! Edmonton and surrounding area residents can call us to learn more.

Common Questions about Home Safes

Before purchasing just any safe, it’s important to take your time and ensure that the safe you select matches all of your criteria. Following are a few questions you should ask yourself prior to making your purchase:

  • What size safe should I purchase? – The answer to this question is completely dependent upon what you plan on storing in it. More often than not, the common mistake is purchasing a safe that is too small and can’t hold all of the items one would like to keep protected. Thus, it’s paramount to purchase a safe that has enough space for the items you plan to store.

  • Where should I store my safe? – We recommend placing your safe in a secure location that you frequently use. Why is that? If you choose to place it in an out-of-the-way location, you’ll be less likely to actually use the safe.

  • What type of fire rating is best? – For the best protection of the valuables in your safe in the event of a home or business fire is to purchase a safe with at least a 1 hour fire rating. Safes with lower ratings won’t stand up to the conditions of a fire, and you’d risk having your valuable items—important documents included—destroyed.

  • What type of lock is best for a safe? – Both dial and electronic locks are serviceable, durable and consistently serve their purpose—keeping your safe secured—without incident.

Advantages of Home Safes in Edmonton

Even in your own home there are advantages to having a safe, secure space to store valuables. That is why Aegis Locksmiths is an area leader for supplying and installing home safes in Edmonton. Home safes provide a space for important documents and valuables to be stored to protect them from both natural and man-made disasters. They also provide a centralized space where all documents and valuables can be stored instead of in multiple locations. Home safes in Edmonton can be personalized in various sizes, shapes, and functions to serve your needs as a durable storage method that can withstand extreme heat and burglary.

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