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Close picture of a car key set with some car key replacements attached.

Alberta RCMP has noticed an increase in car theft recently. That means it's more important now than ever for your vehicle to be secure. If you're having lock issues, you may need a car key replacement sooner rather than later.

Knowing the signs of when or why you need to replace your car keys may seem tricky if you're not sure what to look for. After all, if you don't know there is a problem until the key gets stuck or breaks, how can you be proactive?

Since we have been locksmiths in the Edmonton area for 40 years, we've seen all the signs that you're having car key problems that mean you'll need a replacement soon. We provide our key replacement service to help keep you and your property safe.

It can be easy to overlook the first indication of car key issues, but we've provided the five warning signs you need a car key replacement. Keep reading below.


1. The Lock Is Damaged

It may be your lock instead of the key that's giving your car key problems. Older models of cars that have locks where you need to turn the key can sometimes wear down over time. This is because the lock has experienced a lot of use as you turn the key in the lock, which can lead to damage over the time you've had the car.

You can also be pushing debris into the lock as you insert your key into it. This can jam the lock and make it harder to use.

While it's normal to have the occasional issues with a lock, you shouldn't frequently be struggling with it. If you are regularly having issues with the lock, you'll need to have someone check out what potential damage has been done over time.

2. The Car Key Is Damaged

Sometimes it's easy to see the damage on the key from just holding it in your hands. The grooves of the lock may wear down over time, becoming smoother and not fitting in the lock as they used to. You may also notice the blade of the key showing signs of discolouring.

Another warning sign is when the key "sticks" in the lock, and you have to wiggle and jiggle the key before it turns in the lock. This could mean something is wrong with the blade of your key.

When temperatures get low, car keys can sometimes snap in half as you try to turn them in the lock. You'll need to get this fixed as soon as possible.

3. The Signal Strength Is Weaker

Newer models of cars can allow you to unlock your car from a distance. Depending on what type of car you have, the distance varies. However, you may notice that the signal has been getting weaker.

The reduced reach of your signal is a sign that you'll be having care key issues in the future. If the strength of your signal seems to be getting weaker, take your car key in to get it fixed before it goes out entirely.

4. You're Using a Copy Key That Needs a Car Key Replacement

Sometimes copy keys aren't completely matched to the original car key. If you've lost your keys and are using the copy, you may run into car key issues. When you have an after-market car, the keys may not be as reliable as the original keys either.

If you're experiencing this, it may be time for a new set of keys.



Check Your Keys Today

Have you noticed any of these car key issues? Any of these five signs means you'll need to get your keys checked out. We are happy to help you with a car key replacement at Aegis Locksmiths.

With a rise in car theft, it's important for your car to be protected. This means you'll need your locks updated to secure your vehicle.

Get in touch with us at Aegis Locksmith today to talk through the car key replacement process. We are happy to talk to you and to help you replace your keys!


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