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Home and business security has improved leaps and bounds in recent years. Are you ready to step into a new age of peace-of-mind, security and convenience?

Aegis, the residential and commercial Edmonton locksmiths can get you there.

Advantages of an access control security system

  • Never worry about lost keys falling into the wrong hands, or having to change or re-key locks (an expensive and frustrating experience) or get a key back from someone—simply reprogram to cancel the old and activate the new

  • Add users, groups of users, zones, program time frames and opening procedures to automatically give your doors the desired opening and closing instructions

  • Control access to the various areas of your building according to predetermined assigned accessibility privileges

  • Monitor employee access and exit in your place of business, or visitors to your home (housekeepers, workers, babysitters) in real time

  • Doors can be locked down or unlocked instantaneously in the event of an emergency or evacuation

  • Certain devices even allow you to control house, office, or business door locks without having to swipe a card. NFC (near field communications) technology, available in better pocket devices, sends a radio signal to the door as you approach and when it is verified to belong to the owner of the house or the business, it unlocks the door(s).

  • Even control your sound system, lights, security system, heating and AC from your phone or computer for added peace-of-mind when you can't be there in person!

How does it work? The nuts and bolts...

  • First, switch out your old manual locks for electric locks and corresponding proximity readers

  • After the communication link is set up between the electric lock controller and the centralized system the system can be fine-tuned to satisfy the specific security requirements of your home or business

  • Activate locks by swiping a key fob, key tag or key card over proximity reader. Keypads and biometric readers (for fingerprints) are also an option.

  • Monitor and control the security system from your smart phone or computer, from anywhere on the planet!

Large institutions have been using access control security systems for years. Recent advances in technology have made these systems affordable and accessible to small and medium-size businesses and homeowners. Aegis Locksmiths in Edmonton can provide you with just such a system.

For friendly advice from the access control security pros in the Edmonton area visit our website. Need an emergency locksmith in Edmonton? Just contact us or call 780-465-0182.


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