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Key Cutting & Replacement 

Key Cutting & Replacement Services in Edmonton

Need to replace a lost key or duplicate a key for a new family member or employee? For key cutting and replacement in Edmonton, turn to Aegis Locksmiths. We have one of the largest selection of key blanks, not just in Edmonton, but in all of North America to create a replacement or duplicate key for most automotive, residential and commercial needs. This means we have everything from the old antique skeleton keys up to the latest electronic transponder keys and remotes in our inventory. Call Aegis Locksmiths if you’re locked out of your vehicle, home or office: we offer a 24-hour mobile emergency service.

Locked Out of Your Home? Fret Not!

At Aegis Locksmiths, we can help you with all your lockout emergencies by providing you with quick key cutting and replacement solutions. Our professional locksmiths waste no time in examining your existing lock mechanism. With more than 120 years of experience gathered over serving clients across Edmonton, we have the required expertise to fix all kinds of lockout problems quickly. Whether you need a new key or your lock needs fixing, professional locksmiths at Aegis Locksmiths can provide you with complete lockout solutions. Call us today to learn more.


Swift Key Cutting in Edmonton

Whether you have been locked out of your home, office or vehicle, a lockout emergency is a very frustrating experience. A lockout emergency can also cause delays in your schedule and forestall important work. At Aegis Locksmiths, we are committed to providing quick and efficient solutions to all your lockout emergencies.


The professionals at Aegis Locksmiths have the required training and experience in key cutting in Edmonton for all kinds of locks. Whether you have a digital lock, a rim lock, a knoblock or a padlock, our experts can provide key cutting and replacement solutions for all kinds of locks.


We provide on-site assistance within minimum time to ensure that you can access your locked premises or vehicle as soon as possible. Call us to learn more about our key cutting services in Edmonton.

Car Key & Remote Programming by Your Edmonton Locksmith

If your car keys are lost, stolen or broken, you can replace them through your dealership or your automotive locksmith at Aegis. Most modern car keys have a transponder chip in them programmed with a unique code that disengages the immobilizer and permits the car to be started. Aegis Locksmiths has the equipment to create and program a new key and reset the code so that your lost or stolen key cannot be reused. While your car’s dealership can do this for you, it’s typically more cost-effective to get your new car key and remote programming from your Edmonton locksmith at Aegis.


Need Rekeying or Duplicate Keys for Edmonton Home or Business?

If you’ve just purchased a home or office facility in Edmonton, make a call to Aegis Locksmiths part of your moving preparations. We can make your duplicate keys promptly and ensure that your family and staff have access to your new space. You might also want to consider rekeying your new property to secure it from entry by previous occupants: we can recommend and install a new lock or card access key fob system. Call Aegis Locksmiths in Edmonton to discuss your security needs.


Why Choose Us?

When you trust us for your lockout emergencies, we ensure that we resolve your problem quickly and swiftly. Our experts reach your location and begin with a comprehensive examination of your lock. The locksmiths at Aegis can provide you with complete repair and replacement solutions for your lock and key. The locksmiths are committed to helping you in the most minimally intrusive and minimally invasive manner. At Aegis Locksmiths, we are dedicated to saving the day for you. Call us to learn more.


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