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Your home can be robbed, even if you have the best security setup. Alarms and doors that are meant to discourage burglars can be broken. If you are in doubt about what to do after a break-in, you are likely to worry but what you need to immediately find a solution. Aegis Locksmiths has been providing commercial and residential locksmith services for over 35 years. Our products and services range from new safes to lock break-in repair. 

In this blog post, our expert technicians discuss about what to do after a break-in.

What Steps Should Be Taken After a Burglary?

If your home is where a burglary happened, there are certain steps that have to be taken:

  • Call the police

This should be the first step. Ensure that you don’t touch anything as it may lead to tampering of the crime scene. It shouldn’t be forgotten that time is very critical for such situations. The criminal might still be nearby and this means that your jewelry or other items may not be at the pawnshop yet. Calling the authorities as fast as possible offers a bigger chance of finding the culprits.

  • Take inventory

Once police procedures are over, make a list of stolen items. This will help your case and you must also include a thorough description along with an approximate value of each item.

  • Call the insurance company

Let your insurance company be aware of the burglary. Provide the date and time of the incident and the details of the crime. The insurance company will send a claims adjuster for providing the necessary instructions while filing a claim. Depending on your policy, you may be offered emergency repair services for immediately addressing any broken door or window used for entry during the incident.

  • Call your locksmith

It is necessary to call your locksmith even if the thief got into your home without breaking the lock. The reasons why they should visit your home are explained in detail below.

Why Your Locksmith Should Visit Your Home After the Break-In?

Locksmiths also provide services other than lock break-in repair that ensure security and safety for everybody. The reasons are:

  • The burglar may actually return

Normally it’s considered that a thief will steal everything of value during a break-in. But this isn’t always the case. They may not be done stealing everything they want and might have plans to return. They may also be waiting for you to replace the stolen or damaged items.

If a break-in happens, ensure your locksmith replaces the locks and reinforces them with extra deadbolts

  • Inspecting vulnerable spots in your home

An experienced locksmith may be able to identify the vulnerable areas of your home through which a thief can enter. They will know whether your back windows should have upgraded locks or if your door walls require a security bar.

  • That your key might be in the thief’s possession

The thief may have found your keys inside during the burglary. This might lead them to come back at a later time. This is why locks should be changed even if the burglary didn’t happen with the use of a key, the first time.

  • They can install a safe

Having a safe installed by your locksmith can mean keeping jewelry, paperwork, cash and other items safely.

Let Us Help

Aegis Locksmiths is your go-to locksmith if you require locking systems or home. We are fully licensed by the Government of Alberta and also have membership with the Alberta Locksmith Association.

For information on knowing whether your home is secure, read our blog post - IS YOUR HOME SECURE, EDMONTON?

Call us to learn more about our lock break-in repair services.


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