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More than 8,000 fires happen in Canada each year. There is no way to predict the future, but you can ensure that you and your business are prepared for a burglary or fire emergency.


For that reason, we're going to explain the many benefits of having a relaible composite safe for your business.


Different Types of Safes

First, let’s explore the different types of safes available on the market today. In general, there are three types of safes you can choose from: a burglary-only safe, a fire-resistant safe, and a composite safe.


The burglary-only safe protects your important documents and valuables from being stolen. The downside of this safe is that it doesn't provide any protection during a fire emergency other than a few minutes worth since it doesn't come with the extra protecting fire-resistant box. 


A fire-resistant safe is the second type of safe that acts as a media cooler keeping the valuables inside protected in case of fire. This safe, however, doesn't secure your valuables from being stolen. In most cases, we recommend using fire-resistant safes for residential customers. 


Lastly, a composite safe is the safe recommended for commercial use. Composite safes are designed to protect your valuables against both theft and fire emergencies. This safe comes with a dual-level of protection, keeping your valuables secure in case of a burglary. In addition, the safe protects your belongings for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of an hour in case of fire, depending on its classification.


What to Put in a Composite Safe?

Before explaining the benefits of a composite safe for your business, it is essential to know what valuables should be placed inside one.

The first thing you should consider putting inside the safe is backup information of all the data collected by your company, your insurance policy, contractual agreements, tax documentation, and banking information.

To protect all these essential documents, we recommend investing in a quality composite safe that will come in handy in case of a fire or burglary emergency. Here are the reasons why a composite safe is a good investment for your business and your peace of mind.


Increases Protection

A composite safe will provide additional protection to your belongings and deter the amount of damage that a fire can do to your valuables. In addition to being effective from flames, a sturdy safe will protect your belongings from burglars. Composite safes come in various fire ratings, sizes and shapes to suit any of your business needs.


Provides Peace of Mind

No one can predict if a theft or fire will or will not happen, but having a composite safe provides you with the peace of mind you need in case of an emergency. Owning a reliable safe will ensure that your valuable items are kept safe at all times:

  • Jewelry

  • Titles and deeds

  • Important personal and business documents

  • Bonds and Stocks

  • Other valuable items


Reduces High Insurance Rates

Owning a composite safe will lower your insurance rates. In addition, having a reliable safe nearby is a better option compared to renting a safety deposit box at a bank or storage unit. Make sure to contact a licenced locksmith company you can trust to choose the right composite safe for your business needs.


Composite Safes: Why Every Business Needs One

Maintaining the security of your valuable belongings requires careful planning to protect what you own in the right way. A minimal investment in a quality composite safe can protect you from losing your valuables in the future. 


Contact our experienced team at Aegis Locksmiths to find a secure safe best-suited for your business needs.


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